Cesar Cataldi Mello.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro at
27 of July 1965.I have had a very
spacious childwood with an enchanting
nature around me. To observe the nature
and its movements was my learn. I had a
donkey called Gaspar, a she-goat called
Mimosa and a dog called Flika. Brasil was
in a outburst of optimism at that time
and everything was transforming themselves
in this wonderful nature. My father is
a doctor, a wonderful person. My mother
is a teacher, also a wonderful person.
She used to tell my dear brothers
and me stories before go to sleep.
All this stuff would build my formation
later My behavior is stamp by association
with people and pursuit of best service.
I am a purposeful person with much sense of
responsability, with divers interest and
readiness to dedicate myself to new business.
My way of working is stamp by high sense of quality.